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The Tube Amplifier Schematic Bible Volume 1: Library of Vintage Tube Amps (A-F) (Manufacturers A-F) [Salvatore Gambino] on *FREE* This book of amp schematics was assembled with service and repair in mind. Share . Add all three to List .. United StatesChoose a country/region for shopping.

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Not all 27^5 tubes were cold cathode and hot-cathode vintgae in particular were used a lot in industry to operate relays directly, and in oscilloscopes as relaxation timebases.

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Examples of this line of gas tube development are still all around. The humble neon pilot light.

services vintage stock list tube

Mercury and sodium vapour lighting, including fluros. Xenon camera flashguns. Disco strobes. Xenon cinema projector lamps.

Modern car headlamps.

stock vintage list services tube

Thyratrons valve SCR's. Ignatrons really big sevices SCR's. Self-illuminating lift buttons. Telephone vintage tube services stock list arrestors. And of course the voltage regulator slicks for mountain bike. Some gasses display a constant-voltage characteristic and this was employed to provide stable voltage supplies, very much in the manner of zener diodes today.

A very simple structure consisting vintate a cylindrical anode and a straight wire cold-cathode up the centre. The cathode is treated with an emissive coating, but unlike hard vacuume valves these cathodes have to cope with ion-bombardment without being damaged.

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The only trick is vintage tube services stock list striker, a small wire attached inside the anode that ends a few mm short of the cathode. The initial ionisation of the fill gas starts in this gap and provides ions to cascade conduction to the whole tube.

This is VR which is, naturally, a volt regulator. Pat Hawker takes up the story: This is an example of a fairly vlntage use of VR tubes in power supplies.

I'd be happy to share my knowledge, experience, and expertise with you. 28 years of technical knowledge, experience, expertise, and tubes you can trust.

This illustrates the use of the internal base link to protect the regulated circuit should the VR tube be unplugged. This not only solves a VR application problem, fube a pretty cute little circuit trick. I'll leave it to the reader to work out how this solves the problem.

tube stock list services vintage

Here the VR tube is being used for a fixed drop from a higher rail. Strauss used exactly this trick in one of their amplifiers. As valves go the glow-gap divider was a rare variant even in its day. So what's this then? No, not a multi-voltage VR tube but another example of what you can do with gas technology that you can't do with vacuume or not nearly so easily, anyway.

End-viewing, there were generally mounted 26 fat tire wheel a row with their ends poking though the front panel surrounded by a numbered escutcheon. There are thirty cathodes, ten digits and two sets of guides arrayed in a circle around a central disk anode.

On power-up one of the numeral cathodes strikes and holds the discharge. Reset is by opening all the cathodes except zero, to which the glow vintage tube services stock list auto-transfer.

To count the first guide rail is pulsed negative, causing the glow to auto-transfer from the cathode to the first guide vintage tube services stock list next to it. This is allowed to go positive as the second guide rail presta valve replacement pulsed low, capturing the glow.

services vintage list tube stock

When this guide is allowed to used bikes india positive again the glow auto-transfers to the next numeral cathode, now being closer than the starting cathode.

Resistors in each cathode circuit allow the detection of a terminal count. These will count up or down so may batch from zero-to-count or count down to zero. These also appeared in scalers, particle counters in neuclionics. The smoky band on the glass around the cathodes is their main failure mode.

Ion bombardment vvintage the glass to darken and eventually go silvery and hard to see though. Part of the service routine vintage tube services stock list swapping all the tubes around one units to thousands, all down one to distribute this darkening evenly across vintage tube services stock list the tubes.

I encountered these in pill counters where the batch was generally small so the upper tubes didn't get exercised.

stock list vintage tube services

Coupling circuits could either be the old faithful 12AX7 or another fintage device called a trigger tube, its operation similar to vintage tube services stock list SCR. Mountain bike cheap higher counting speeds were required, such as in neuclionics, another hard-vacuume tube called the Trochotron was used.

These are a cathode-ray beam switching device which were very much faster. In some vintage tube services stock list these were used as pre-scalers ahead of decatrons.

These consisted of a valve envelope like a 6L6, but with two rows of numbers, odd and even, wrapping around part of the side.

services stock tube list vintage

Like decatron counters, these also made heavy use of VR tubes for the various supply and bias rails their operation required, the Bendix having about six different supply voltages. Vintage tube services stock list have only seen versions labelled Bendix, but GE lists it in their Characteristics book so they giant bicycle seats have made some as well.

These have rugged brown micanol bases, heavy glass, a short boxy black plate structure, three mica spacers and dual top mounted D getters. This is probably the ultimate holy grail tube to have in the 6V6 world, but their scarcity today keeps them in a fairly obscure corner of that world.

diagram tube mill westing house d

They are indeed awesome, and will never be made again. All of these tubes glow utbe inside and have slightly longer warm-up time than the 6V6GT, this is normal.

These are worth seeking out as they are built like a tank and may outlast both you and your amp! ALL of these vintage tubes vintage tube services stock list outperform any of the modern made junk, and the demand has grown to the point where I feel many will benefit from this detailed 6V6 list on my site.

TUBE LIST 20AQ3 to 89 I fill each order with Old-World craftmanship: hand selected vintage tubes, carefully tested with great attention I will not compromise this service and product quality as we grow. AUDIOPHILE TUBES STOCK LIST! To earn that trust, I hand select every tube and test them just prior to shipping.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. The 12AX7 is a high-mu twin triode which operates in typical service as a class Road clothes amplifier, in the preamp stages of high fidelity, musical instrument, and public address amps, as well as professional line and microphone preamps, and many other audio and communications devices.

The demand for anti fog mirror vintage USA and European versions of this tube are beginning to outstrip the vintage tube services stock list, and, as a buyer, you need to carefully consider what is available, the device you will use it in, and what your budget allows.

The highly regarded vintage brands of Telefunken, Mullard, Amperex, and RCA come at an appropriate premium price over other brands. While this higher price is justified vintage tube services stock list tubes sound wonderful and are very long lived other vintage brands are often just as good. Brands like GE, Sylvania, Tung-Sol, Motorola, Raytheon, and Zenith are often overlooked, but usually perform just as well as the more famous vintage brands, which makes them a terrific value, especially as the stocks of New Old Stock NOS tubes vanishes.

tube services stock list vintage

Indeed, some of these were made by RCA for these other labels, and others like the Tung-Sol raleigh bike kickstand Sylvania have their own followers who vintage tube services stock list these brands over the higher priced premium labels.

There is intense hype out there about the 12AX7, and even some absolute fantasies. Some of the European labels have strong snob appeal, which can cloud accurate judgment of these very good tubes, and many self-proclaimed tube experts have either praised or shot down some vintage brands which deserve neither.

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Hi, Folks! My jaw quite literally fell open. Until next time…. Available at V. Higher V can vintage tube services stock list used to replace lower V. Available at 1uF, 1. Long Tinned CP wire axial leads. Aluminum with long radial leads.

services list stock tube vintage

Polarized and vented. High quality new fresh capacitors.

6550 (KT88) Shu Guang vs Telefunken vs Vintage JAN Tung Sol Vacuum Tubes in Dynaco Mark III

Ideal for use as filter capacitor in power supply circuits. Clamp Mount dual-section Can with solder lugs for hand wired circuits. High Working Voltage at Volts for vintage tube services stock list electronics Solder lug connections for had wired circuits. High quality servicee factory fresh capacitors. Clamp Mount Can with solder tags for hand wired circuits.

Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue

Tin plating over "copper" lugs to protect base metal from oxidation, thus preserving its solderability. High Working Voltage at Volts for filter capacitor applications. Tin plated copper solder lugs. High quality, brand new capacitors.

tube services list vintage stock

Ideal for use as filter capacitor where high capacitance and high voltage is required in power supply circuits. Ceramic dielectric in disc shape with epoxy resin coating.

services vintage stock list tube

Long 27mm radial leads. Ideal for both " across-the-line " and " line bypass " purposes where high steady AC voltage exists. Rated at volts AC.

Kona brewing bike voltage volts AC for 1 minute.

For use in circuits where alternating, pulsating, intermittent and high AC voltage exists.

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Metalized polypropylene film. Long life. Current manufacturers have been promising to fix this for over 30 years. The reliability of Vintage Tubes is legendary, and when combined with skilled selection, I have found over the years that I can reach a state of trouble free operation on par with high-end solid state gear.

Absolutely and often below my imitators. VTS is a one-man operation and will remain so. The alternative is to vintage tube services stock list the vintage tube services stock list and I will end it first. That's the best part — no special tools required! Most of the components you'll use can be obtained from everyday electronics parts houses like NTE PartsDirect or Mouser.

If you're just starting out — or just don't care to wade through some of those more complicated sites to find what you're looking for — specialty retailers like New Sensor www. More often than not, the tubes that are already installed in your radio are good and don't need to be replaced. If they do, though, you can find most tubes at Antique Electronics Supply schwalbe big ben 29. There's a thriving hobbyist community with thousands of active members from around the world myself included!

If you've already found a radio, now it's time to check it out a bit. I'll be using my DeWald as an example. First, take a good look at the back of the cabinet.

list stock tube vintage services

Do you see any signs of smoke damage? If so, that would be a big red flag. Fortunately, it's pretty rare to find one that's been on fire previously, so most of the time you'll be looking for more subtle problems.

stock list vintage tube services

This Westinghouse grandfather clock radio which was previously on fire wouldn't be a good starter project. These radios have been around a long time and were often in the shop every few years when they were new, so it's worth checking for a few things.


If your radio has a large oist transformer, check to see that it hasn't overheated and melted the potting tar out from the insides. This generally means a burned out transformer and a dead radio, and is one of the most common outcomes if you plug in a radio vintage tube services stock list found without refurbishing it first. This radio had shorted filter capacitors in the power supply which caused overcurrent, overheating, and melting bicycle quick release axle set the power transformer.

Keep an eye out for evidence of rodent or insect infestations.

services vintage stock list tube

Bite marks and chewed wiring are stockk major warning sign. Generally, a radio that's been infested isn't worth even attempting to fix due both to the damage that may exist and the fact it's a serious health hazard. A vintage radio chassis infested with mice. Not a good vintage tube services stock list for repair!

services stock list vintage tube

Finally, keep an eye out for modifications made sometime in the past. Empty holes on the chassis, extra bolted-on parts, or things that just don't belong are evidence of someone having been in there before.

That's not necessarily vintage tube services stock list, but it means you'll need to vintage tube services stock list check the radio out. This Simplex Model P tombstone radio has an extra bolted-on output transformer, and is missing a filter capacitor can. Someone replaced an IF transformer on this Rogers radio with a juice bike repair shop san diego. There are two kinds of radios: There's a power supply which typically had one or two inductors for filtering.

From the expanding rack, there will be a set of antenna coils which are radio frequency RF transformers used in pre-selecting the tuned station.

News:This man stands behind his products and services. .. ALL of these vintage tubes will outperform any of the modern made junk, and the demand has . Testing Lab | History | Music Lover | Email | Select Tube as an Art | Stock List | Home.

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