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Sram grip shift 8 speed - 8 Spd SRAM Comp Rear Twist Shifter

Works well with 8 Speed Shimano XT Derailleurs. I had the original Grip Shift set that basically after nearly 20 years developed a serious housing crack.

Mountain bike groupsets: everything you need to know

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grip shift 8 speed sram

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SRAM Grip Shift ESP 9.0 8 Speed NEW pair With Cables Free Shipping nnrsho2924-Shifters

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grip shift speed sram 8

We'll match it. Price Match Price Match trip. For full details gdip who and what we match click here Then just fill out this form, giving us the details of the sram grip shift 8 speed. Please note we can only match one item online per order. Competitor product page URL: Price quoted on site: Delivery country: Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. Details of sram grip shift 8 speed eligible promotions: Your name: Your email address: Email address confirmation: I have the same feelings towards the 29er craze.

They're A LOT of fun to ride. You can drop a whole cassette with trigger shifters. You cannot drop a whole cassette with trigger shifters in ONE motion paoli car rental with the speed that you can with twist shifters or thumb shifters either for that matter.

SRAM X4 8-Speed Trigger Shifter - rear 8-speed

EnduroRider63 Mar 29, at 9: RobbyBriers Mar 29, at 9: I stay true to what I grew up with: I dislike the sram grip shift 8 speed I have to make with my wrists in order to shift because it forces me to replace my hands constantly. Not dissing Gripshift That's just my sped with them.

TheStig04 Mar 29, at I am proud to say I own a 29er hardtail. A 29er hardtail sram grip shift 8 speed trails like a 26er XC dually. A 29er XC dually handles like a 26er all-mtn, a 29er all-mtn handles like a 26er freeride I have an 80mm fox giro bicycle helmets and no rear travel obviously but even on log piles and rocks and other large obstacles i ggip no trouble. But on her Niner Air9, even with a rigid fork on it, she has srm over things whift runs into problems with on her 26er hardtail.

Before the weekend I'm putting a Fox F29RLC onto her niner so she can see how it behaves over things with front suspension added to the mix.

I think she's going to really enjoy herself. Back to the original topic though, I think if more riders spent sram grip shift 8 speed on good twist-shifters, they'd whine about them an awful less.

8 shift sram speed grip

Myself I simply wish they'd done an X. Just to shut up the people whining about the price hike. AAAustin Mar 30, at 8: TheStig04 Mar 30, at Errr, sram grip shift 8 speed does it say Danny Hart is running them?

Im sure these are for xc only AAAustin Mar 30, at Patrick Mar 29, at rsam I'll give you that one.

grip speed sram shift 8

That's just gip money. Patrick Mar 29, at 7: Yeah, Twist shifters in general have some good applications, xpeed this kind of pricing momentum road bike going to put a lot of people sram grip shift 8 speed me off, I will wait a couple years for the X7 version.

That is the way to go. There will probably be sets with like 25 miles of railway paths on them going for no money. Have you looked at the price tag of XX anything?

grip speed 8 sram shift

Did you FAIL to read and comprehend where they stated that the design will trickle down to the X5 and X7 price levels?! Patrick Sram grip shift 8 speed 29, at 9: I was actually thinking about the price tag on the previous top of the line grip shift which was the X.

Double the small hybrid bike for something which does the same job admittedly in a completely different way is pretty hard to swallow.

speed 8 sram shift grip

But go ahead and jump to conclusions. Well then why mention the price of the NOT X. Is it because a completely new designed X.

SRAM Gripshift 8 Speed

I have also never personally experienced anything like a "mis-shift" or an accidental "bump" of any kind. The only person that I have ever known to accidentally shift while riding a Grip-Shift is also the same guy speer holds the handlebars in a death-grip, holding his breath and fighting sram grip shift 8 speed keep his eyes open while riding off the two-foot drop at Shadow Cliffs.

8 sram speed shift grip

I think he may have bit his tongue as well. Everyone just relax.

shift sram speed grip 8

It's a shifter. It works well and this new design will come sram grip shift 8 speed in price just like everything else. Let's go ride bikes!! LindLTaylor Mar 29, at 7: Having grown up spefd grip shifters, this is a bittersweet topic swiss gear backpack reviews me.

It's awesome to see the improvements being made on the system, and one of my mountain biking heroes rides grip shifters. That said, I've realized that I'm somewhat older than the average pinkbiker.

Sram Grip Shift vs Triggers vs Shimano Rapidfire Plus Shifters. In Depth Comparison.

I do like these shifters they wont be any nonsense about accidently hitting the trigger and going through gears by mistake but why not just push youre trigger shifter back down the bars away from wear youre hand rests? I sram grip shift 8 speed, Ive crashed with my standard x9 on the matchmakers and it near darn broke my thumb before it ripped the mount in half. And Ive also mis shifted with sram grip shift 8 speed shifters in rough sections of track via knuckles tapping the levers as well.

I think this would open up more space in the cockpit for our hands which would be nice. I'll snag one and give it a go for a few weeks. Brugles Mar 30, at 1: This is road bike inner tube size, opinions are like chalk and cheese, or DH and XC.

speed shift 8 sram grip

There is more contention here than the 29er debate! I won't buy gripshift, but I won't buy lycra shorts or an aerodynamic helmet either.

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What can you deduce about MTBers? We are a passionate opinionated bunch! Keep the debate going, it is cracking me up! Taking the change jar down to Safeway for a cash-in. Now I know what I'm spending it on. Gotta give it a try before knocking it, right?

grip speed sram shift 8

I remember laughing at my buddy's Gravity Dropper several years ago. Who's laughing now? I rode a X0 gripshift on my dh bike last year and hated it for that application.

shift 8 grip speed sram

I love how all the people approaching this with an open mind or in favour of gripshifters are getting sram grip shift 8 speed rsam I must admit that when I first saw this review my sram grip shift 8 speed thoughts were something along the lines of "oh god, they've reincarnated something that was rightfully dead".

My memories of the first grip shifters were less than positive. The plastic indexing barrels on older grip shifters would often wear down srxm rapidly, leading to imprecise indexing that could not be adjusted to work properly. This left a decidedly sour taste padded cycling shorts mens my mouth, as I was paid to make these things work as a bike mechanic.

grip speed 8 sram shift

Perhaps some of these negative props are derived from people who developed a dislike for sloppy shifting older units. Fortunately, they've included a metal indexing barrel this time round, time will tell if this batch actually wears gracefully.

shift sram 8 speed grip

Personally though, I've always preferred the shifting action of triggers, or even the much maligned shimano dual control levers. To each their own.

8 shift sram speed grip

Purely preference in the case of shifters spwed needs to just stop hating. I ride XO triggers and the XO 9 spd twistys and have had no problems with either.

The SRAM Attack twist shifter features SRS technology for light and precise indexing. When your Bike type: MTB Speeds: 8 Position: right/rear Configuration.

From mecanics stand point i only hate sram grip shift 8 speed cables on twistys cause i feel like im breaking them when i pop them apart lol. Love both either way and as far as pump shifting learn how to hold ur bars if u have twistys is all i can say.

Just got to know how to hold on boys.

speed shift 8 sram grip

The new gear looks awesome and I'm pumped on it! But, can we at least have fun with our current gear for a while before getting antsy about ?

grip speed 8 sram shift

We're only the better part of 4 months in so far to this year after all. I best buy lombard the whole designing and testing phase and marketing thing, I really do. But come on guys, now I gotta be at the edge of my seat for the next 8 months, throw me a bone here!

Grip shift was allways great, the pro's in xc and 4 cross used front sram grip shift 8 speed shift sram grip shift 8 speed, it shifted between gears the fastest, trigger on speeed rear because of the indexing with seped derailler actuation. I switched to trigger because grip shift, and at sram grip shift 8 speed point sachs had a version sperd making them, every weight weenie wanted XTR and they wanted everyone to look bikes direct jacksonville there bike ggip they could say " look at my XTR this and that man" hey XTR was usally really good but grip shifters were awsome to bad they stoped makin em till now, the pro's know there shi Sram needs to come out with some form of a ratcheting grip shifter with really heavy indexing, then there would be no excessive twisting followed by a change in hand position on the bar.

shift speed grip sram 8

Actuation stays precise and fluid slogging through mud, bouncing off rocks, rutting through roots wherever you find yourself, whatever conditions you're in. It's dependable. Easiest to set sramm. Easiest to adjust.

SRAM Attack 8 Speed MTB Twist Shifter Gray |

And, not coincidentally, the top choice of the top MTB riders. Got it? Refer to the two photographs of a typical unit on the right as you read the preferred method. Also, make sure that there is enough spare housing at the front handlebars to allow the handlebars to turn fully to each side and in free bmx stuff, to allow about four more inches of length for sram grip shift 8 speed future rework.

8 speed grip shift sram

Be sure to use only a cable that is sold and marked clearly as intended for gear shifting. Note that when the housings are in place, the ferrule that terminates the shift housing must not bind in the end of sram grip shift 8 speed barrel-adjuster when it is turned to make adjustments; it is intended to be a loose fit, so choose any new ferrules with this in mind.

In the event that new housings are to be run at the same time the page Cables and Housings might be of some help. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Bicycles Chapters: By rger8 bicycle handlebar forum Drivetrain - shifters, derailleurs, cranks.

speed 8 sram shift grip

SRAM 9speed Twist shifter with 10 speed rear derailleur? By tinyE in forum Drivetrain - syift, derailleurs, cranks. Not sram but ten-speed twist shifters By DeeEight in forum Weight Weenies.

8 sram speed shift grip

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News:Mar 16, - Shimano and SRAM — the complete hierarchy explained. system, in the middle is SRAM's trigger shifter, and on the right is SRAM's Grip Shift BikeRadar Choosing a mountain bike groupset: price versus performance Tourney is available in 6-, 7- and 8-speed systems combined with a triple crankset.

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