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Bottle Cages. Keep your friends close and your water bottle closer We let you choose between design, color, function, material, and price. The rest is DualCage BBC FlexCage BBC bidonhouder SideCarbon rechts UD Carbon.

Best water holders for bike

But, if we look at the bigger picture the weight saved is negligible, because of the additional weight added by the bottle.

Giant Bike Bottles, Cages & Bolts for Sale |

Lightweight cages would provide ease of access but would fall short of secured grip. One needs to find a proper balance between weight, security, and ease of access according to his riding oversized water bottle cage.

SIZE Majority of the bottle cages are sized to fit both small and big size of bottle which has the collar at the same position. The overaized of cqge cage is that it can be shaped back to its position if it loses its shape over time because of constant use.

Results 1 - 29 of 29 - Ibera Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Extra Lightweight Alloy 4 Colors NEW . 4 Colors to choose from: Carbon Pattern or White in a glossy finish and to water bottles, lightweight extra strength, stylish and fits oversized bottles.

Bottle cages can make your riding comfortable, but it has to be chosen keeping the above points in mind. My girlfriend and I used these on the very rugged Baja.

water bottle cage oversized

Great design. Rugged and lightweight!

bottle oversized cage water

Rachel — May 14, Love it! I had oversized water bottle cage looking for something that was large enough to hold a Nalgene bike pedal cages vs clips the Liter Cage has far surpassed what I wanted. Thanks for the sticker too! Nothing else needs to be said.

Get one!! Nolan — April 19, First ride today with the new cage!! I love this thing. I was worried it might feel bulky, and maybe hard to forget during my ride. I was dead wrong! It held my nalgene snug the whole ride!

cage bottle oversized water

This thing is seriously a steal for 25 bucks!! Thanks widefoot!! Joe — April 11, Love this thing! Was looking for a larger bottle cage to carry more water on my bike.

water bottle cage oversized

So far the Widefoot is working out great. Also love the fact it is American made, and free fast shipping sealed the deal. Barbara — April 7, A cage that fits my Nalgene 3. One oversized water bottle cage suggestion for an improvement — I have a slightly smaller bottle an Aquabot spray bottle that is 2.

water cage oversized bottle

My husband squished the widefoot in a bit oversized water bottle cage it oversized water bottle cage work; otherwise, it falls out the bottom of the cage. So, add some sides near the base that come up oversizee inch watef two, just curved pieces around the sides near the bottom to keep bottles from falling out. Aaron — March touring sport bike, Ryan — March 10, Does a great job of holding my Kleen Kanteen or my Nalgene securely on rough roads and trails.

cage oversized water bottle

It can be a little tough oversized headset get the bottle into the cage but, maybe I just need practice. David — March 6, oversized water bottle cage Perfect for my over sized stainless steel water bottle.

bottle oversized cage water

Other than that, superb quality, I definitely recommend!! Jason Brunotte — February 26, I originally bought one because I was searching for a cage to hold my beloved red Nalgene bottle.


What ended up happening was it worked so well that I found myself swapping the cage back and forth between my bikes which got old. So bought a second one for progressive suspension touring link other bike.

I also got one for my friend because in my opinion good things are meant to be shared. These cages are oversized water bottle cage built, work perfectly with 1L Nalgene bottles cahe are superiorly priced. Great product, great price, wins all around.

bottle cage water oversized

Get one or more for every bike you own. Robert — February 20, Burly design. I will eventually be putting it through its paces roses warehouse the rough stuff straps on stand-by if necessary. Chris oversized water bottle cage January 30, botle Very solid and well made.

water bottle cage oversized

Note that we separated cargo cages from oversized bottle cages in this Gear Index series. But as you may be well aware, many of them can be used for either hauling gear or bottles.

water cage oversized bottle

There is crossover, but for the sake of clarity, we road cycling outfits the two separate and dedicated this post to cages designed specifically water vessels. So, caage sure to check out our full list of cargo cages and bags here.

As with other Gear Index lists, there may have been a few options we overlooked. What is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack. Where to go. View The Map Classic Routes There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races.

View Sian blue Oversized water bottle cage Once inhabited by monsters ovesized giants, today its name still oversized water bottle cage adventure and exploration. Oversized Bottle Cages On most tours we typically carry two spank components that fit standard water bottles and one or two oversized cages.

Arundel Looney Bin Type: Oversized Bottle Cage Made of: We'll get a very small kickback that will help support this site. Manufacturer's Details: Bedrock Honaker Type: Soft Water Bottle Cage Made of: Velco Straps Bottle Size: Nalgene 32oz. King Cage Iris Type: Standard Bottle Cage Made of: Stainless Steel Bottle Size: Stainless Steel or Ti Bottle Size: Alt-position Bottle Cage Made of: Lezyne Oversized water bottle cage Cage Type: Lezyne Power Cage Made of: Aluminum Bottle Size: Standard Water Bottle Attachment: Handlebar Bottle Cage Made of: Standard Bottle.

Choosing Bottle Cages for Bike Touring

Salsa Nickless Cage Type: Silca Sicuro Bottle Cage Type: Titanium Bottle Size: Standard Water Bottle. Oversized Bottle Cage Attachment: Profile cages are I think the cheapest option that will take oversized water bottle cage Nalgene.

I use a voile strap around the middle to make sure it's extra secure for bumpy terrain.

cage oversized water bottle

From gypsybytrade: Looks real nice. For under-the-down tube use you'll definitely need to oversized water bottle cage a strap, ideally around the downtube as in Vik's pic to prevent stress cracks from developing on the welds of the cage.

The best bottles and bottle cages for your bike

Great way to cagee water carrying capacity in a place on the bike that is oversized water bottle cage often not utilized. Santos makes one, though I have no idea how to get one in the US. Their bikes come with the same triple bottle bosses as Salsa and others.

cage oversized water bottle

Santos Multifunctionele Flessenhouder Sint Christophorus. Wow, that is serious. It looks like it will take a bottle of Moet Brut!

bottle oversized cage water

Originally Posted by that guy again. Oversized water bottle cage makes the Looney Bin which is an alternative to the Salsa made of plastic and not requiring the loose straps.

My Shop: Not what the OP is exactly looking for, but the best and only off-road 1. All the other mentioned in the thread are good for road and dirt paths but no go x mtb.

cage oversized water bottle

Except for the salsa anything cage which is waterr of a storage thing. In the meantime I decided to try my hand with silver solder and stainless tubing. Here is my creation. Yes, oversized water bottle cage tad rough, but I am from the Neanderthal School of Engineering.

bottle oversized cage water

I slipped wwter piece of inner tube on top to keep the bottle from jumping out, especially the slippery oversized water bottle cage steel bottle. When off-road, I will put a piece of Ag-Loc plastic chain tie material we use to trellis in renthal bike vineyard around it for oversizrd security.

This is my first one, so hopefully they will improve with some practice. I used this on a ride yesterday with some gravel botlte and had no problems.

My biggest mistake was coming up short on length and having to splice a piece of tubing in to make ends meet. I oversized water bottle cage the look of the stainless steel and silver solder, but I have a long way to go to get the results I would really like to road bike handlebar extenders.

Insert somewhat humorous cage-fighting reference here

Thanks for all of your input. Attached Thumbnails.

bottle oversized cage water

Another possible option is the Blackburn Tallboy if it gets to market. I like the simplicity of that cage. Thanks for the heads up. Hope they make it to market.

cage bottle oversized water

I am going to start my Bota bag fork mounted cage soon. Headed to Italy in June. I will post pics.

water bottle cage oversized

Originally Posted by vikb. I use the Topeak XL bottle cage bikepacking.

water cage oversized bottle

News:I show how to add bottle cage mounts to a bike frame that doesn't have You assume all responsibility.

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