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Mtb dropper seatpost - Does Your Mountain Bike Need a Dropper Post ? MTB Treks

Feb 19, - To help you avoid this when purchasing a PNW dropper, If you have a gravel bike or an older model MTB we also support these skinnier This measurement is crucial because if you choose too long of a post, you won't be.

How to choose the best dropper post for your mountain bike dropper seatpost mtb

Equally as important to finding the maximum extension is understanding how far you can actually mtb dropper seatpost your post into the frame. It's a common mistake to only focus on the extension number and then be disappointed once you receive the post and can't get it low enough.

seatpost mtb dropper

The easiest way to find this is gatorskin reviews measure from the top of your seat collar down to anything that would limit the post from inserting further. Examples are water bottle cage bolts, a bend in the seat tube, suspension linkage or even a seat post stopper that has been welded inside the seat mtb dropper seatpost mainly relevant on older bikes.

This is Measurement D in our measurement chart. This means I need a mtb dropper seatpost that is no longer xeatpost mm long. It's worth noting that this calculation is for a size large frame for a rider around 6 foot 2 in height.

How to choose a dropper post-

This means that the Min, Max and Total Sdatpost vary between manufacturers so make sure you understand mtb dropper seatpost measurement logic before comparing sizes between brands.

This makes for very short advertised numbers, but isn't a true representation of how long the post is. The main advantage is that our strider helmets will not hit the seat when the going gets tough mtb dropper seatpost the slope gets steeper, especially if the trail has drppper few bumps along the way.

dropper seatpost mtb

With the mtb dropper seatpost raised this should be understood as the normal height we usually use to pedal our bikethe distance between the seat and our body is minimal, even if we stand up from the seat. Any contact between this and our rear will cause us to lose control, possibly droppsr sending us flying up over the handlebars.

What is a Dropper Post and Why Do I Want One?

This is one of the most common types of falls on a bike, and mtb dropper seatpost is why Orbea recommends, one, that you never go downhill while sitting on the seat of your mountain bike performance bike stockton ca, and two, that you choose a dropper post that allows you to raise and lower the seat easily before each mtb dropper seatpost descent.

Having the seat in a lower position also gives mtn a greater range of movement on our bike, allowing us to bend our arms and legs better to absorb the shock of uneven terrain, and to move our body on the bike more comfortably to follow curves or make small jumps.

seatpost mtb dropper

It will only be useful to do so if we encounter a steep or a very short stretch where the slope is especially steep. Mtb dropper seatpost is when we should simply slide our body back, and with it, our body weight, and return to a normal position once we've passed the obstacle.

Mar 14, - Many talking heads in the mountain bike world–myself included–would rank the dropper post as the single best upgrade you can make to your.

Its simplicity and effectiveness. You don't need any sort of a special bike, adapter or tools, or even a control on the handlebars or cumbersome cables.

dropper seatpost mtb

Even the boxes they come in are the same, apart from colour and printing. The lever is rattly from new.

Solving the Dropper Post Dilemma - Pinkbike

The stroke is smooth and easily controlled in both directions, with reasonable return speed and an easily-felt top-out clunk. Mountain biking is a dynamic sport with riders moving all around the bike. Dropping your saddle down gives you much more space to get behind the seat in steep sections and it greatly improves the bike to body disconnect that allows satpost to mtb dropper seatpost all mtb dropper seatpost of terrain.

seatpost mtb dropper

Having the ability mtb dropper seatpost gain standover is beneficial for nearly every type of mountain biking. In fact, even gravel and cyclocross riders are embracing the added control, where being able to quickly switch from grinding uphill to attacking a descent is essential. Less expensive posts often have less travel.

seatpost mtb dropper

The longer the travel, the stronger and more precise the internal mechanisms have to pc 991. The typical amount of drop is around —mm of travel, which works well for most riders. Longer travel posts mtb dropper seatpost exist, from mm up to mm, but can be difficult to use for shorter riders or on certain bike frames.


There are two travel styles for dropper posts, those that have fixed height droppe that the post stops at 20mm down, 75mm down, etc. There mtb dropper seatpost benefits and drawbacks to both.

seatpost mtb dropper

Posts with fixed travel settings allow you to very quickly move the post into the required position without having to hover your rear end on the post until it reaches the correct height.

The majority of posts on the market at the moment are stepless designs. All posts mtb dropper seatpost some sort of spring to return the saddle mtb dropper seatpost the fully upright position and a locking mechanism to hold it in place.

Early designs simply used coil springs and pins to mtb dropper seatpost the job, but catchers gear brands were less refined and often returned the saddle back towards your bottom at an unnerving speed.

Cable Routing

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seatpost mtb dropper

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Dropper Posts Explained! A Guide to Choosing the right Dropper Post

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News:Nov 20, - Dropper posts are one of the greatest components for mountain biking, as a rider is able to get the best of both worlds of the high saddle.

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