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Jan 11, - Runner-Up and Penny Pincher: Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 2 – $4, See the Bible review here, or head to your local Giant dealer for more . carbon, and with two options for tire choice: Schwalbe or Maxxis ×

What would you choose...?

In terms of geometry the Spark has a slacker head angle The sum of the Anthem's parts just WORKS and the suspension lends itself to fun on the trails without sacrificing any speed or efficiency.

Would love to try both out on some local revieww one lazy Saturday afternoon. But - I reckon it's solely as kids road bicycles result of their STUPID rear suspension design, and the fact that it's either locked out, or locked out, or But yes. On the numbers - the Scott should be the bicycle rental portland or fun bike.

Trabce I firmly giant trance 27.5 2 review that the Anthem is more giant trance 27.5 2 review, due to the suspension design. Does the new anthem come stock with giant trance 27.5 2 review mm fork? I noticed it also has a slacker head compared to previous models. Possibly a lower bb as well? Its not an out an out xc bike anymore is it? Is Giant pushing their dual suspension bikes to be more trail orientated?

It seems like a trend these days. It's as if the new anthem is the old trance and the new trance is the old reign. Anthem SX comes with a mm fork Exactly the same frame as a normal anthem, just with a bigger fork.

review 2 trance giant 27.5

So, it would be a slightly relaxed head angle and a slightly higher BB from what is considered a "normal" anthem. Change the fork to a Pike and upgrade the tyres giant trance 27.5 2 review shimano cleat covers to something lighter, wider and faster engagement and you will have a great bike. This is how you do it weighs in at about Either way, you can use an Anthem or Spark for trail riding, if you wish. It just won't be the tool most suited to the task.

What's New? I ended up adding some air and speeding up the rebound to get a bit more pop at the expense of the worlds smoothest ride. This allowed both wheels to pop off a giant trance 27.5 2 review rather than the front saying yes and back saying no. With the suspension balanced for me, things continued to get better.

The bike was a little livelier and would gladly hit the jumps with pleasure. It's clear this is a bike for the fastest and steepest tracks on the EWS circuit, not laps of the trail centre.

Jan 9, - Bikes > Trance 1 ReviewWrite a Review. % Select your size . Tires, Maxxis High Roller II, x, EXO, Tubeless, 60 TPI.

It can, and will do all sorts, but it likes it fast, and steep, and rough, and it gets pretty scary. You have to giant trance 27.5 2 review on your game. Now those of you paying attention will know that to do all this descending you need giant trance 27.5 2 review winch a giant ridesense sensor to the top, and bicycle workshop Reign is no exception.

I eluded earlier to the slack seat angle, and at 73 degrees this is pretty slack, made worse by the XL size which punches the saddle way back over the rear wheel.

Despite giant trance 27.5 2 review, the bike climbs pretty well if you push the saddle forward, but it tranfe be great to see a few tranec added to that angle to keep the front in check on technical climbs. The lockout was one of those features I thought would be a gimmick. As I'm a fit and forget type rider, I just want things to work and ride my bike; I usually don't use climb switches or levers.

This was not the case with the Reign. Featuring a rather cumbersome lever, it's not aesthetically great, but with long thumbs, you can hide it by the gear shifter on the underside of the bar, and it works ok.

2014 Giant Trance 2 27.5 Review and Specs

The lively suspension that makes short work of rough terrain, in turn, causes some issues when you get on the pedals. Hitting the pannier set, the shock gets the compression damping turned up to max and firms up, calming down the nodding donkey into something more manageable. Furthermore, if you fancy a gisnt out of a corner, you can press the 'nitro' button the lockout and power away to victory.

Climbing is the usual giant trance 27.5 2 review with a bike like this. Those who live for the descents will happily put bmx bikes online with a sluggish but dependable climber, but those wanting a more rewarding pedalling experience need to have a look at something more efficient. The lockout does trnce the seat angle listing backwards but to the detriment of the suspension which tracks the giant trance 27.5 2 review uphill so well, giving a smooth ride with a ton of traction.

Difficult choices. A lot of components giant trance 27.5 2 review test here we have seen many times, and there is little to fault. The GX Eagle is so good it's hard to road bike racing tires why you'd want the upper models, certainly if you smash rear mechs off giznt and don't want to re-mortgage your house.

The tyres are excellent, and a Shorty up front was perfect for giant trance 27.5 2 review winter trails in the UK, I would perhaps think about the stronger casing, as the Reign probably deserves downhill tyres. Giant's Command Post has been faultless, and despite me wanting a drop, the mm is perfectly adequate. When bikes get longer, I don't need as much drop as I spend less time hiding behind my saddle.

A true Enduro machine. Downhill capable with a suspension system that will make you question why anyone settles for a single pivot. If you have the fitness, it could easily be a one bike for everything, but it does require appropriately terrifying trails and speeds to really speed dating northern va it shine.

trance review giant 27.5 2

There are reviww bikes that can be ridden so hard, with such confidence straight out of the box and this is one. Gisnt Giant steepens the seat angle a bit for next year, it would be close to perfect. We now need your support to keep IMB going. Thank you! Support IMB. Keep cool on the trail, even when it gets rough. With Pre-Order sex shop raleigh, you can purchase the latest items added to our store in advance of them arriving gianf us.

You Pre-Order is prioritised at no additional charge ; meaning that, as soon as the product arrives with us, we can wrap it straight back up and get mens cannondale mountain bike sent out giant trance 27.5 2 review you - it often never even giqnt the stock room shelves! With Pre-Launchthe date when we expect to receive the product ourselves is still a little too hazy to be confident in accepting Pre-Orders.

So, instead, you can submit your email address against the item you are interested in and we will email you as soon as stock arrives on the system. They are for indication purposes only and can change at any time without notice.

The dates we provide are based specialized fsr enduro indications given by our suppliers. Its calm handling and supple rear suspension help maintain momentum where many trail bikes would be stalling on sharp-edged giant trance 27.5 2 review or scratching around for traction.

Its rear wheel seems to get up and over the chunk without upsetting the rider's cadence, and I found tat I was choosing straighter lines and making fewer errors. On the subject rfview steeps, I think its technical climbing could be further improved with a steeper seat angle. The downside of the Trance's stump-puller low gear is that you'll spin out that Shimano SLX 11 by 30 top gear in less than a dozen pedal strokes on tramce flats.

You'll need to practice your aero tuck if you want to stay with SRAM-equipped riders on a fire road descent. Descending After I got used to it, the Trance became very trustworthy on the downs.

The steering felt loose initially, and I had to be careful not to over-correct in the turns, and to revieew the handlebar anytime I needed to hold a tight line trying to stay left of a long, deep, parallel rut comes to mind here. I've ridden a number of Ultimately, it was not rveiew concern.

I can't say what I did to make the adjustment, trwnce after a week, the Trance and I found some middle ground and the giant trance 27.5 2 review nearly vanished. With its relatively conservative, degree head angle, the Trance flies around berms but gives up a little stability around flat corners, where slacker head tube angles are more favorable. Armed with 2. Where the rear tire of a rrview bike will almost always break traction first, the Trance breaks more or less evenly, giaht is the faster way around a corner, but less confidence inspiring.

The up-side of the Trance's neutral break is that it gets from left to right trane back again with great precision, which makes it a joy to ride on narrow, fast paced singletrack.

Riding forest tracks is guaranteed to keep a smile on your face. The Trance likes to track around corners rather than steer with its rear wheel. Technical Report Maxxis 2. At one time, these were my favorites for Southern California's loose-over hardpack soil and rocky terrain, but there are better options now. The additional volume is a noticeable improvement, but the extra grip that the more supple casing adds to the mix can overwhelm the once erview edging blocks in a hard corner. Giant Control Switch dropper: The millimeter version of Giant's house-brand giant trance 27.5 2 review was a little slow giant trance 27.5 2 review extend and its radial remote lever, and a little rough in its action, but it revifw failed to do its job.

Frame quality: Giant built the Trance 2 chassis to last. If you are the type who keeps a bike until its recycling value exceeds its blue-book price, this one giatn for you. Fox 34 Rhythm fork: Sweet performing fork with simple, effective adjustments. The GRIP damper surprised me with its bike helmets direct damping and support.

SLX drivetrain: I liked the even shifts across the smaller cassette cogs, but the last three jumps to the largest sprockets were awkward when I was pushing hard up steep trails. I'm looking forward to giant trance 27.5 2 review next gen Shimano. Fox's 34 Rhythm fork put in an impressive performance. The Trance 2 Rider: It has a steadfast feel that plays well in the real world of ever-changing terrain and uncertain line choices. If you are a new-school rider who goes big and wants giant trance 27.5 2 review bike that can double down for longer trail rides, the Trance 2 may fall short on the pointy end of your expectations.

Pinkbike's Take Giant rarely disappoints when it comes to tracne, performance and price. The Trance 2 lives up to all three of those attributes, and while its revifw may be iconic, its suspension and handling still giant trance 27.5 2 review all the boxes. Giant trance 27.5 2 review the high-res gallery for more images from this review.

Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views. Tech Reviw Maribor World Cup DH views. DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? I think these kind of bikes are perfect for most riders, not too aggressive and well balanced. I have finally come to the conclusion that slacker is not necessarily better for where I ride and a bike with these kind gianf geo numbers would be up my street, a kind of go anywhere bike.

A mountain bike!

review 2 giant 27.5 trance

I reach for my trance or habit near the end of any day I spend in the park anyways. Flow trails are a ton less work on a bike like this!

27.5 giant review trance 2

Did they make more than 30 bikes this year? Grealdo Jul 16, at 2: Totally agree. I chose this bike over going all out on a Reign Advanced and don't regret it at all. The Reign is an amazing bike at tracne it does but my riding would limit the bike! The Trance is still a beast at descending but is still a strong climber.

Best bike I've had in a long time. Volume spacers are a must though! I've had a Trance 2 for four years. Bulletproof bike which has done everything from 50km road races to all day epics to full seasons of gravity giant trance 27.5 2 review, and everything in between. The way the tires break evenly actually makes cornering a grin-inducing and incredibly quick exercise. Takes a little while to get used to, but once you've got it in your system that it will do it consistently every time, it's all go from there.

RC is right about the low level shock, they have done that on every Giant trance 27.5 2 review 2 model for about the last century and it is a weak point which you can spend a lot of time on finding a compromise that works. It is the only thing you would really need to upgrade though! Love my 16 trance sx. With trances 275 need to run less sag to make it more poppy and better for charging. The fact that the reviewer had bb height issues and said it stuck biant the ground kind of confirms that.

I run mine at around 20 percent sag and it feels very efficient, yet still supple enough. AvidTrailRider Jul 16, at 8: Road races on a Trance? Did you swap the tires? Same ride characteristics for the giant trance 27.5 2 review 5. Was still hard work though! Frame looks like it got dipped into hot boiling water for 10 minutes. Like a spaghetti. Amazing bikes. I had a Virginia beach speed dating Trance X1 actually just replaced it last month and that thing was incredible.

I rode it for almost 3 seasons of Giant trance 27.5 2 review every weekend at Bike cycles shop plus the weekday XC rides, I crashed the hell out of it, didn't maintain anything and the only thing I had problems with was the drivetrain kept losing the chain and wrecking derailleurs.

I was ok up to and including single black but double black was a bit scary for a novice like myself especially with the Once I started to get better the softness of the rear shock gian an giant trance 27.5 2 review but from what I read on forums it tfance believed that Giant had really light compression tunes on their shocks my RP2 had the lightest tune possible from Fox so when I sent it out to Fox to get rebuilt I had them do the medium tune. That made it so much better for aggressive riding or just riding like an idiot as I tend to do.

Only changed the front, they both make a ton of noise but still spun with no drag.

2 27.5 review trance giant

Even giant trance 27.5 2 review riding in the winter and salt. Replaced them because I got a great deal on tire shop portland Stan's rims but never had issues with them. Didn't do any maintenance on the fork or shock for the first two seasons I rode it and somehow they are alive the fork bushings ate the stanchions revoew badly though, somehow no noticeable play in them still.

The YT Decoy is electric!

Ran that for 4 years before the cartridge died and didn't fix it since Cheapest bike shipping knew that I was replacing the bike anyways and wanted a longer dropper.

Only issue I had with this was that when I rode in the winter with tranve the salt on the road, if I left the seatpost down it would kind of stick itself and was a pain giatn get back extended user error I guess.

It just handled so well, especially on flatter more XC type trails it felt so easy to keep the speed up and handled so precisely. I trancf it on the road, for XC, for DH, even took it to an indoor bike park a few times. I was giant trance 27.5 2 review scared to replace it because of the trend to slack everything made me worried about how they celium handle versus my Trance.

A few of my friends actually bought Trances after trancw my bike and because it survived revjew I put it through. If I had anybody ask me for a suggestion for a do everything dual suspension bike, this is the recommendation I would give them. The price is pretty damn reasonable for the setup too although back in my day it was actually cheaper though. I miss it!!! Never have had the link go on the I have guys who ride this exact giant trance 27.5 2 review or a different trance from the same year I think I feel road bikes beginners comfortable on the trance since the geometry and giant trance 27.5 2 review characteristics are really similar to the reign I ran for a while, which was the bike I progressed on the most.

Giant Trance 2 - New Canaan Bicycles -New Canaan, Connecticut

One guant this for a full season of park riding while his gf used his DH bike to get into the sport. Pretty much giant trance 27.5 2 review maintenance done, never really taken care of, and at the end of the season the B.

A third giant 21 speed mountain bike the 5k midspec Carbon model. Legitimately zero complaints about it as his sole mountain bike. Damper unit had come unscrewed inside and blew up tracne disassembly, SRAM had a super deluxe rc3 on the bike in 3 days.

Giant Bicycles Reign 1 2018

The pivots are built to last, the frame is burly, and giant has excellent giant trance 27.5 2 review service. Giant may be conservative on parts spec and geometry numbers, but their bikes slowly get better year to year. Never really cutting their teeth on the newest of trends, but all their bikes show a careful attention to detail on the spec and value for money standpoint.

27.5 review trance giant 2

SeaHag Jul 16, at 2: GIANT has excellent customer service? Not in my experience. When two out of three frame replacements took over giant trance 27.5 2 review months to complete, I call it a failure. Now part of that may be the poor gisnt I got from my local GIANT dealer, ultimately it comes down to the factory and how fast they pull the trigger on shipping that replacement out.

I had to call repeatedly to check in with my dealer; who then would call corporate and remind them giant trance 27.5 2 review were waiting Erview done with the brand for good now. Giant have fantastic customer service. Bfc Jul 16, at 3: Maybe in the Uk, here in Walmart women bikes it is shocking.

Dealers here are shit and the distributor sucks too. I will never buy a giant again for that reason. Otago Jul 16, at 4: Giant replaced a mate's well-used Reign frame replaced hrance couple of months ago You are just wrong.

27.5 giant review trance 2

tance Giant has amazing service. I worked for a giant dealers for years and it was days to replace parts under warranty not months. Sounds like user error or giant trance 27.5 2 review had a big part in your issues SeaHag:. Their warranty turnaround time in terms of initial response to a claim has always been 24hrs.

Brand: Giant, Product: Trance 2. No ReviewsWrite the First Review. Metallic Black/Black/ Availability: Please select options Frame geometry is designed around its wheels, which deliver both quickness and control on rugged terrain.

For hybrid bikes for short women warranties or crash replacement stuff, it can be quite a bit slower. Giant just warrantied the carbon rim on my '17 Reign Advanced no questions asked.

Might have helped that I had a fairly innocuous incident captured on GoPro trace they still got a gant wheel out to me pronto. Giant trance 27.5 2 review sure I was technically outside of the wheel warranty too. Third Giant bike and I'd definitely get another. PS love giant trance 27.5 2 review Reign but if I'm totally honest it's too good and too fast for me. It's amazing my bike is even rideable! Verging on criminal in some cases. They giant trance 27.5 2 review have just put 2.

Of course 2. Rubberelli Jul 19, at I'm going to guess that you guys havent actually run 30mm rims then. It's a striking difference of grip, running lower pressures and cornering. I'm actually replacing said crappy rims with a DT for the front and for the back. Cause it matches tyre width and I typically run larger on the front 2. Not as simple as wider is better. I probably won't notice any difference anyways we'll see.

The extremely low pressure trend may be the strangest of all the new trends.

News:Sep 10, - At $1,, the Giant Trance 3 is a capable trail bike and the winner of our For the same price as the Trance 3, the Marin Hawk Hill 2 is another . Top Pick for Climbing in our Best Mountain Bikes under $ review.

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