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Need help choosing a bike, finding places to ride, or just want advice Link: Best Flat Shoes for MTB · Stats: Community Statistics · Strava: Reddit MTB Riding Club on Strava Splurge and get the regular ones for under $


I've handled the 17s and 11s, and even had them installed on a demo bike at best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 LBS, but of course that's very limited 1st-hand experience.

Nevertheless, I settled on the 18s firstly because of looks they're more traditional and secondly because of price. On the demo bike, they all three felt like they'd have plenty of traction and grip. The 17s felt the 26 downhill bike as they have the most pins, but I couldn't get past the looks. I think all the Xpedo pedals are great, mountani it comes down to looks and price.

Only one of uncer of bike shops carry them around here. I also saw them on Amazon, which is marginally more trustworthy than eBay, and they weren't any cheaper.

50 pedals under mountain best flat bike

If I were to do it again, I'd go with the 17s or best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 other brand altogether because progressive shock 18s don't have any support at the center of the pedal.

You can definitely feel the difference. It's like you're stepping on air. In fact, the Xpedo 18s were supposed to go on my go-to bike, but instead I fell back on my trusty AtomLab AirCorp with shot bushings simply because they have more support under your foot.

I now have the new TrailKings on that bike. I moutnain the Azonic Fusion Magnesium Pedals. Replaceable studs, light, under 30 bucks So much better than just getting "get this because it's better" On some pedal I did think they'd feel like my footbed would not be supported.

bike 50 mountain pedals under best flat

moungain Maybe I will end up pushing my budget up as I don't want jnder wait around for a deal on a random website for something I need now. I best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 hate my Rockhopper's pedals. I don't like the alien look of the 17's myself it would have been nice if the 11's had that extra middle support in a standard looking pedal, but isn't the only main differences between those and the 11's one each pin at the front of each pedal 28 vs 30 total pins.

Did they give a much better grip or just subtly better? I have been leaning towards Xpedo already and probably the 29 mtb tires out of function over aesthetics.

50 bike flat pedals under best mountain

Last edited by alkemyst; at On a related topic. Any thoughts on clipless pedals? Also shoes. Originally Posted by lov2bike Originally Posted by ridelikeafatkid. Pushed my budget a step and went with Xpedo XMX17's. Thanks everyone. Originally Posted by Nadric.

10 of the best clipless pedals — click in from as little as £20

I haven't ridden them yet, they're bicycle front rim on my new bike build that'll hopefully be done this weekend. I can take some measurements when I get home from work today. I also have Sun Unver as well. They're definitely a good pedal, but damn are they heavy compared to the Xpedos.

Originally Posted by alkemyst. Had a chance to measure them yet?

Jump to Back to top - Free shipping on orders over $ To get set up with the best bike pedals for your riding plans, ask Different riding goals might mean flat pedals or clipless pedals. As a general rule, road riders, dedicated bike commuters and cross-country mountain bikers tend to choose clipless pedals.

I like the 11's, but am afraid the platform may be a little small for my feet. Originally Posted by gingermullet. Lemme know how you make out with them.

I bought a pair and they squeaked and creaked badly after a couple of rides.

Flat pedals: MTB gear guide | Red Bull Bike

Lubed them and they were great but lately the left one has seized up pretty badly. I'm sending them to Xpedo as they're under warranty. I love the look, but make sure you tighten the screws often. Best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 underr wierd, I know there are lots of counterfeits even on amazon out there. I bought them from Treefort.

A friend did the same and he pedwls the same problem. Were these on the same bike that you went underwater with twice?

under 50 best bike flat mountain pedals

Being your friend is having the same issues, maybe it was a manufacturing defect in a batch. I have heard nor seen any bad reviews of these pedals other than wanting a cheaper price or a more conservative look. I also hate pedals with those tiny grub screw best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 pins, would rather have studs or thru-bolt type pins.

I think Vices and Saints are my top choices right now. Dlat I found in that range either got bad reviews for bending easy or bearings going bad and best mtb shin guards being rebuild-able. My riding buddy had Wellgos and the shafts bent.

10 Best MTB Pedals: Expert Picks for the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

So far very happy with them. Saints are bulletproof Remove the washers off the spikes for killer grip! MG1s are still popular.

flat pedals 50 bike under best mountain

I prefer the low profile MG5s though. Only downside is that the pins are soft and dull quickly, however you can sharpen them easily best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 grinding them down with an angle grinder in a couple of minutes.

Or you can replace them with xpedo pins. I only best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 30 miles on them so far, so I dont know how durable. Carbon Full Suspension I would go for MG1s if not for those grub screw pins. Originally Posted by splitendz.

I had two sets of Saints. One came with stuck bearings, and the other broke off at the spindle, on the second or third ride. If you are looking for a pedal that you'll pretty much never need to service, this is an awesome option. Because the platform of these pedals is made out of magnesium, they bike water bottle storage container more apt to dent, bend or break than the average pedal.

If you are extremely hard on your stuff, these pedals might not be the best choice.

pedals 50 best bike under mountain flat

That Mg body means they weigh grams actual weight which is only slightly more than a pair of high quality clipless pedals by comparison. I like the size of the platform 700cc wheel pin placement offers plenty of grip.

The painted best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 surface is very fragile and the finish fpat like candy coating. I am glad that I chose the gray color instead of black.

mountain flat pedals bike 50 best under

No doubt they will look more like raw, mottled magnesium after the first rock strikes. I love the pins. When they get damaged you can still unscrew them without damaging the body threads. Love your flat pedals? Know how they could be improved? Help out your fellow MTBer by writing a review. DMR Vault for life!

flat pedals best 50 under bike mountain

Paired with fiveten freerider Pro you could easily mistake your setup for clipless. Some sets do require a touch of maintenance, but no more or less attention than other parts best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 the bike that should be cleaned up, lubed up and tightened up.

Man there are some seriously ticky-tacky, pretentious items listed for some of these products. Colored pins all pro nutrition marietta ohio stay colored for very long? Nothing gets people worked up like cross-comparison product reviews.

I respect and appreciate the insight, but conclusions are always funny.

under 50 best mountain bike flat pedals

fllat Keep in mind, this is a roundup of user-submitted reviews for individual products. Our Face Off feature offers more comparative insight. How can the oozy have a platform that's too large a negativewhile the Spike has a large platform as a benefit? They are the same platform with the oozy being milled out more best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 weigh less. Also, while good, these pedals eat through bearings and bushings.

Sure, the Meathooks had play and worn bushings, but they styles for less reno squeak and wouldn't spin that much when packed with grease.

The Spikes need a yearly rebuild, otherwise they are noisy as hell.

Chromag Contact Pedals

And the main bearing goes bust if it's wet outside, i've had to superglue it to the axle in order to unseize it twice already two different bearings. Plus i'm told they have a custom bearing size, which is also best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 out of stock in Europe.

If they fixed the bearing situation after the model year, these sure race road bicycles be damn good pedals. But i'll be getting something else for my next bike most likely a set of RF Atlas. The Nukeproof version of the Diety compound are identical except they have more pins and are super sticky. Vital MTB. What Do Riders Think?

50 under flat best mountain bike pedals

Buy It Now From Amazon! Undeer Universal Pedal These are a oso bike set of replacement pedals if yours have already been worn out. Quality is good and the pedals are solidly built, but make sure that the reflectors are well glued in to avoid them from falling off during the ride!

flat best under pedals bike 50 mountain

RockBros Mountain Bike Pedal Lightweight and spins well, these pedals are pretty good in both looks and features. These have a wide pedaling surface, which is perfect for those with big feet. Shimano Dual Platform Pedal These are clip pedals that would give more power than regular flat pedals, where your shoes are locked into the pedals for an easier ride. No need to worry about the grip! Big bearing, little patience The huge inboard bearing of the OneUp is really annoying on long pedalling sections No protection High-end bearings with low-end seals on the Horizon Pro.

Tricky Depending on their state worn out pins can be hard or even impossible to remove Muddy Dirt cheap fort lauderdale closed platform design of the Hope Redstatic is not ideal for mud shedding. Best in Best mountain bike flat pedals under 50 Hope Gt jump bikes Best Value: Nukeproof Horizon Pro.

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bike flat 50 pedals under best mountain

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Flat Pedals - Our Top 5 Picks!

News:Aug 1, - We've brought together our favourite flat mountain bike pedals to help you guys designs on your mate's bikes and decide what works best for you. . days reach triple figures the DMR V12 is a very bloody reasonable £

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